Locally Delivered Antibiotics

Antibiotics are drugs which, when prescribed at traditional doses, either kill or prevent reproduction of bacteria. Antibiotics are important in dentistry, because most dental illness (including tooth decay and periodontal i.e. gum disease) is caused by bacteria. Through many years of over-prescription, some bacteria have developed resistance to certain antibiotics (including the penicillin family). To overcome this, we at Perfect-32 apply newly developed methods of delivering antibiotic drugs only to infected tissue (into gum pockets around the teeth instead of system-wide), thus preventing the undesirable systemic effects (side effects) of antibiotics. As the balance of systemic bacterial flora is not being altered, the drug is safely delivered without the risk of resistant strains of bacteria developing. This treatment is commonly being done as a supplemental procedure to traditional periodontal treatment, such as scaling and root planing.