Dental Jewelry

For all patients who are self-conscious about their appearance and want a dazzling smile to achieve the desired aesthetic appearance, attention, to make a fashion statement and to be unique among the crowd, we provide dental jewelry, a cosmetic dental procedure having advantages of it being a temporary, painless procedure which do not involve any invasive treatment on the tooth like drilling holes. By applying dental jewelry, we make your smile more pleasing, appealing and aesthetic. This results in your increased self confidence. The procedure :

  • We clean the tooth with a fluoride-free polishing paste.
  • The tooth is completely dried and isolated.
  • Tooth is then etched with 37% orthophosphoric acid for about 20-30 sec to increase the surface area for bonding.
  • We rinse surface thoroughly with water and blow dry for 10 sec
  • A light-curing bonding agent is applied on the tooth followed by applying a small amount of flow composite to the surface of the tooth.
  • Now the jewel is placed in the center of the composite and adjusted while letting you, the patient, check the desired positioning in the mirror.
  • The total time for jewel to set into the composite is 20 sec.
  • It takes about 4 minutes to safely affix the jewel on the tooth surface.