Cosmetic Dentistry

We do cosmetic restorations with modern dental materials (which may include crowns, fillings, inlays, onlays, bridges and veneers) to improve the appearance of the teeth and re-create the shade, transparency and optical characteristics of uniform natural tooth enamel. To achieve this, we evaluate the patient's teeth for basic shade, intensity of shade (chroma), shape, light/dark balance (value), and any subtle characteristics that will need to be re-created in the restoration to make it blend imperceptibly. We evaluate the restoration in different lighting conditions, because teeth can look noticeably different under different light sources. Usually, these will include incandescent sources (which have a yellow cast); fluorescent light (which looks blue); and full spectrum light (e.g. the sun). Full spectrum lighting is available at our dental office light fixtures and is used for shade matching as it is the most "natural" light source.